Extending the flipped classroom model: Developing second language writing skills through student-created digital videos

Marion Engin


Abstract: This paper describes a project which aimed to leverage the students’ interest and experience of technology and multi-modal environments in an academic English writing course. Students were expected to follow a model, research a topic, and craft a digital video tutorial on an aspect of academic writing which would form part of the established flipped classroom model. Evaluation from students suggests that student-created videos can promote deeper understanding of the topic through the activity of teaching, as well as encourage students to monitor their English and strive for accuracy. However, it was also noted that students prefer a teacher explanation than a peer explanation and there were concerns over the “trustworthiness” of a peer-produced video tutorial. 


flipped classroom; digital videos; peer teaching; meaningful learning; technology

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14434/josotlv14i5.12829

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