The role of SoTL in the academy: Upon the 25th anniversary of Boyer’s Scholarship Reconsidered

Beth Kern, Gwendolyn Mettetal, Marcia Dixson, Robin K. Morgan


This essay works toward two goals: 1) to provide an explanation of how the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning may work within all four of Boyer’s “scholarships” of discovery, integration, application, and teaching and 2) to clarify the distinctions between quality teaching and scholarship of teaching and learning research. To do that, we posit four quadrants of teaching practices based on two continuum: public/private and systematic/unsystematic. The four quadrants: teaching practice, shared teaching, scholarly teaching and, finally, scholarship of teaching and learning, provide academics with a conceptual model to distinguish various approaches to the teaching process from research into that process.


scholarship of teaching and learning; Boyer

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