Student engagement in a compulsory introductory physiology course.

Stephen Brown, Sue White, Alex Bowmar, Nicola Power


Appropriate instruments are required to determine student engagement on an undergraduate course, and in this study we evaluated a 23 item Student Course Engagement Questionnaire (SCEQ) administered to undergraduate students studying a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation degree. These students were in the first semester of a 3 year degree, and were enrolled in a compulsory introductory Human anatomy and physiology course, as part of their degree. Responses (n=115) were analysed using exploratory factor analysis, and this indicated that 4 latent factors explained >49% of the total variance. These factors were described as ‘study habits’ (7 items), ‘performance’ (6 items), participation (4 items), and emotional (4 items). Two items did not align with any latent factors. Each scale had good internal consistency, with all Cronbach’s alpha values >0.7. The factors identified in this study are consistent with those identified in a previous SCEQ evaluation, and we suggest that this instrument is appropriate to quantify course engagement in Sport and Recreation degree students. Moreover, we suggest that the scales identified within the SCEQ may be used to quantify aspects of engagement in undergraduate students studying a course in introductory Human anatomy and physiology.


engagement, undergraduate, anatomy and physiology, sport studies

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ISSN 1527-9316