Peer partnerships in teaching: Evaluation of a voluntary model of professional development in tertiary education

Andrea Chester


This paper describes work over a three-year period to develop a peer partnership approach to professional development at a dual sector university. The aim of the program, arising initially in one school and then piloted in 5 schools, was to support staff in their teaching practice. Emphasis was on the development of a sustainable model of professional development that could accommodate staff at all levels of teaching experience, including permanent and sessional staff in Higher Education and TAFE. Based on evidence from a university-wide survey of staff attitudes and feedback from initial trials, a five-stage model of voluntary, cross-disciplinary partnerships was developed. Quantitative results suggest the program had impact on pedagogy and skill development as well as enhancing collegial relationships between staff within schools. Suggestions for the future development of such programs are offered.


reflective practice; professional development; peer review; peer feedback; staff

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