Grand Rounds: A Method for Improving Student Learning and Client Care Continuity in a Student-Run Physical Therapy Pro Bono Clinic.

Jill D Black, Kyle Bauer, Georgia Spano, Sarah Voelkel, Kerstin Palombaro


Background and Purpose. Grand Rounds is a teaching methodology that has existed in various forms in medical education for centuries. When a student-run pro bono clinic identified a growing challenge of providing continuity of care for clients and a lack of preparedness in students, they implemented a Grand Rounds model of case presentation within the curriculum.  The purpose of this paper is to describe the implementation and assessment of Grand Rounds as it attempts to improve both the continuity of care for the clients and the learning experience for the students involved in a student-run pro bono clinic.

Case Description and Evaluation. The Student Board divided the student physical therapists and the clients into three teams. Each team of students would meet every three weeks to discuss the clients on their caseload. More advanced students helped to mentor the more novice students and a faculty member would facilitate the discussions. 

Outcomes. After eight months of implementation, the Student Board gathered evaluative data from students, supervisors and client. The program evaluation was approved by the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Analysis of the data collected revealed that the students grew more confident and effective in their ability to implement and advance the physical therapy program.

Discussion and Conclusion.  The program evaluation confirmed that the implementation of teams and Grand Rounds positively impacted students' confidence and ability to collaboratively treat and advance clients and their physical therapy program in the student-run pro bono clinic.  The program evaluation was not effective in thoroughly assessing the impact that the model had on clients and their recovery. Further evaluation should be conducted with client outcomes measures. Recommendations for the modification and improvement of Grand Rounds emerged.


grand rounds, case discussions, mentorship, student-run pro bono clinic

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ISSN 1527-9316