Team-Based Learning in a Subsection of a Veterinary Course as Compared to Standard Lectures

Erin Malone, Amie Spieth


Team-Based Learning (TBL) maximizes class time for student practice in complex  problems using peer learning in an instructor-guided format. Generally entire courses are structured using the comprehensive guidelines of TBL. We used TBL in a subsection of a veterinary course to determine if it remained effective in this format. One section of the class was taught the material using PowerPoint based lectures. The other group was taught the same material by the same instructor using TBL. All students took the same examination on the material at the end of the course and again 18 months later. There were no differences in the course examination or course grades but grade distributions differed; TBL grades were more widely distributed and female TBL students outperformed male TBL students. TBL students scored significantly higher on the repeat examination. Objective student engagement was high and students were positive about the experience.


veterinary education; urinary surgery; knowledge retention; course design; active learning; adult education

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