Examining the literacy histories of doctoral students in an educational studies program through surveys and interviews: A mixed methods study

Melissa Eileen Adams-Budde, Christy Maranda Howard, Grant Douglas Jolliff, Joy Kammerer Myers


The purpose of this mixed methods sequential explanatory study was to explain the relationship between literacy experiences over time and the literacy identities of the doctoral students in a teacher education and higher education program. The quantitative phase, surveying 36 participants, revealed a positive correlation between participant’s present and past literacy experiences, suggesting that past literacy experiences impacted their present perception of themselves as successful doctoral students. In the qualitative follow up multiple case study analysis, four major themes emerged from the interviews and participants’ visual representations: (1) past literacy experiences; (2) present literacy experiences; (3) support systems; and (4) social experiences. The findings suggest that early feelings of success in literacy contribute to strong literacy identities in higher education programs. Implications for the faculty of higher education will be discussed.


literacy identity; doctoral students; literacy experiences; teacher education; higher education

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14434/josotl.v14i1.3327

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