“Who am I to bring diversity into the classroom?” Learning communities wrestle with creating inclusive college classrooms

Jennifer R Considine, Jennifer E Mihalick, Yoko R Mogi-Hein, Marguerite W Penick-Parks, Paul M Van Auken


This study explored the experiences of gateway course instructors during the implementation of pedagogical changes aimed at improving the success of diverse students. A detailed case study was built through analysis of peer observations, focus groups, oral and written reflections, student grades, in-depth interviews, and pre and post student surveys. Results showed that instructors faced three major challenges in implementing pedagogical changes: pragmatic challenges, student-centered challenges, and challenges to instructor self-concept. Embracing a learning paradigm and participating in a learning community helped instructors to manage these challenges and create more inclusive learning environments for students.


diversity; inclusive pedagogy; learning communities; reflective practitioner; culturally responsive pedagog

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14434/v14i4.3895

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