Perceived Learning Outcomes from Participation in One Type of Registered Student Organization: Equestrian Sport Clubs

Erin Mikulec, Kathleen McKinney


Abstract: Learning takes place both in and outside the classroom. While there are a studies that focus on the professional, developmental, and learning outcomes of participation in student organizations, there has been insufficient research on these outcomes in sport clubs specifically and no research in an equestrian setting.  In this paper, we report on the results of an on-line, primarily qualitative, questionnaire study conducted with members of a collegiate student organization, the Equestrians, at a large Midwestern U.S. university, as well as schools with similar organizations within the region and across the nation. Students were asked their reasons for joining the club and perceptions of what they learned, beyond equestrian skills, from participation in the organization. The respondents reported equestrian and interpersonal reasons for joining, and that participation increased their development in a number of academic and professional areas, especially in terms of 1. work ethic/time management/balance, 2. collaboration/communication/teamwork, and 3. leadership.


Student organizations, out-of-class learning, authentic learning, student development, equestrian

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