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Volume 10, Number 1 Faculty Development in Higher Education: Long-term Impact of a Summer Teaching and Learning Workshop Details   PDF
Diane Persellin, Terry Goodrick
Volume 13, Number 4 Faculty perceptions of critical thinking at a health sciences university Abstract   PDF
Joie Rowles, Christine Michelle Morgan, Shari Burns, Christine Merchant
Volume 12, Number 2 Faculty perceptions of multicultural teaching in a large urban university Abstract   PDF
Sylvia M. Bigatti, Gina Sanchez Gibau, Stephanie Boys, Kathy Grove, Leslie Ashburn-Nardo, Khadiji Khaja, Jennifer Thorington Springer
Volume 11, Number 3 Faculty perceptions of the scholarship of teaching and learning: Definition, activity level and merit considerations at one university Details   PDF
Mary Secret, Monica Leisey, Sharon Lanning, Susan Polich, Joseph Schaub
Vol 16, No 3 (2016): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Faculty Teaching Performance: Perceptions of a Multi-Source Method for Evaluation Abstract   PDF
Adrian Renea Lyde, David C Grieshaber, George Byrns
Volume 13, Number 2 Family context predictors of math self-concept among undergraduate STEM majors: An analysis of gender differences Abstract   PDF
Anne Rinn
Volume 14, Number 3 Finding Your “Spanish Voice” Through Popular Media: Improving Students’ Confidence and Fluency Abstract   PDF
Rebeca Maseda, Dayna Jean DeFeo
Volume 10, Number 1 Focusing on How Students Study Details   PDF
Regan A. R. Gurung, Janet Weidert, Amanda Jeske
Volume 11, Number 3 Focus on Teaching and Learning: Listening to the Voices of Today's Undergraduates Details   PDF
Glenn Bowen, Carol Burton, Christopher Cooper, Laura Cruz, Anna McFadden, Chesney Reich, Melissa Wargo
Volume 13, Number 3 Fostering teacher candidate dispositions in teacher education programs Abstract   PDF
Lauren L. Cummins, Bridget Asempapa
Volume 12, Number 4 From herb garden to wiki: Responding to change in naturopathic education through scholarly reflection Abstract   PDF
Airdre Grant, Meg O'Reilly
Volume 13, Number 4 From hills to halls: A modern parable of transitioning to academia Abstract   PDF
Laura Cruz, Jack Sholder
Volume 1, Number 1 From Minsk To Pinsk: Why A Scholarship of Teaching and Learning? Details   PDF
Lee Shulman
Volume 8, Number 1 From Postmodernism to Milk Cartons: Junk art sculptures and pre-service teachers’ philosophies of schooling Details   PDF
Morna McDermott
Volume 13, Number 5 From rationalization to reflection: One teacher education law class Abstract   PDF
Debra Miretzky
Volume 14, Number 4 Geological time, biological events and the learning transfer problem Abstract   PDF
Claudia C Johnson, Joan Middendorf, George Rehrey, Mehmet M Dalkilic, Keely Cassidy
Volume 13, Number 4 Graduate counseling students’ learning, development, and retention of knowledge Abstract   PDF
Glenn W. Lambie, Kara P Ieva, Patrick R Mullen
Volume 12, Number 1 Graduate student development through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Abstract   PDF
Laura N. Schram, Michelle G. Allendoerfer
Vol 17, No 3 (2017): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grand Rounds: A Method for Improving Student Learning and Client Care Continuity in a Student-Run Physical Therapy Pro Bono Clinic. Abstract   PDF
Jill D Black, Kyle Bauer, Georgia Spano, Sarah Voelkel, Kerstin Palombaro
Volume 14, Number 2 Group simulation for “authentic” assessment in a maternal-child lecture course Abstract   PDF
Desiree Hensel, Leah Stanley
Volume 11, Number 1 Growing the scholarship of teaching and learning through institutional culture change Details   PDF
Sarah M. Ginsberg, Ed.D., Jeffrey L. Bernstein
Volume 7, Number 1 Helping Alleviate Statistical Anxiety with Computer Aided Statistics Classes Details   PDF
John Stickels, Rhonda Dobbs
Volume 8, Number 3 How Alumni Narratives of Intercultural Competence Can Inform the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning of Intercultural Communication Details   PDF
Randy Dillon
Volume 12, Number 1 How evaluation processes affect the professional development of five teachers in higher education Abstract   PDF
Leah Shagrir
Volume 14, Number 1 How Learning Works: 7 Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching Abstract   PDF
Launa Gauthier
Volume 10, Number 1 How Student Satisfaction Factors Affect Perceived Learning Details   PDF
Celia C. Lo
Volume 11, Number 1 If not the brain, then what? A paradigm for preservice intervention specialists that provides an understanding of neurodevelopmental disorders in children Details   PDF
Mary T. Cameron
Volume 12, Number 2 iLearning: The future of higher education? Student perceptions on learning with mobile tablets Abstract   PDF
Jonathan P. Rossing, Willie M. Miller, Amanda K. Cecil, Suzan E. Stamper
Vol 17, No 3 (2017): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Implementing Collaborative Learning across the Engineering Curriculum Abstract   PDF
Patricia Stark Ralston, Thomas R Tretter, Marie Kendall Brown
Volume 9, Number 1 Implementing on-campus microteaching to elicit preservice teachers’ reflection on teaching actions: Fresh perspective on an established practice Details   PDF
Funmi Amobi, Leslie Irwin
Volume 11, Number 2 Improving student engagement in a lower-division botany course Details   PDF
Nissee Goldberg, Kathy Ingram
Volume 13, Number 3 Improving student performance in organic chemistry: Help seeking behaviors and prior chemistry aptitude Abstract   PDF
Gail Horowitz, Laura A Rabin, Donald L Brodale
Volume 3, Number 1 Improving the Instruction of Engineering Calculus: Responding to Student Feedback Details   PDF
Barbara Moskal
Vol 15, No 5 (2015): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Improving the quality of assessment grading tools in Master of Education courses: a comparative case study in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Abstract   PDF
Michael Francis Christie, Peter Grainger, Robert Dahlgren, Kairen Call, Deborah Heck, Susan Simon
Volume 10, Number 1 Inclusive Teaching Circles: Mechanisms for Creating Welcoming Classroom Details   PDF
Sharon E. Moore, Sherri L. Wallace, Gina D. Schack, M. Shelley Thomas, Linda P. Lewis, Linda L. Wilson, Shawnise M. Miller, Joan L. D'Antoni
Volume 11, Number 3 Incorporating case studies into an undergraduate genetics course Details   PDF
Marlene Murray-Nseula
Volume 13, Number 4 Increasing student evaluation capacity through a collaborative community-based program evaluation teaching model Abstract   PDF
Shauna K Carlisle, Jean M Kruzich
Volume 13, Number 3 Influence of Presentation Handout Completeness on Student Learning in a Physical Therapy Curriculum Abstract   PDF
Erika Nelson-Wong, Heidi Eigsti, Amy Stone Hammerich, Nicole Ellison
Volume 12, Number 1 Innovative teaching and technology in the service of science: Recruiting the next generation of STEM students Abstract   PDF
Thomas McNally
Volume 10, Number 3 Inscriptional practices in undergraduate introductory science courses: a path toward improving prospective K-6 teachers' understanding and teaching of science Details   PDF
Ann C. H. Kindfield, Marcy Singer-Gabella
Volume 10, Number 1 Insights Regarding the Usefulness of Partial Notes in Mathematics Courses Details   PDF
Fabiana Cardetti, Nirattaya Khamsemanan, M. Carolina Orgnero
Volume 8, Number 2 Instructional accommodations: Impact of conventional vs. social constructivist view of disability Details   PDF
Sarah M. Ginsberg, Karen Schulte
Volume 15, Number 3 Instructional Internships: Improving the teaching and learning experience for students, interns, and faculty Abstract   PDF
Abby L. Hemmerich, Jerry K. Hoepner, Vicki M. Samelson
Volume 15, Number 3 Integrating and Assessing Essential Learning Outcomes: Fostering Faculty Development and Student Engagement Abstract   PDF
Susan Cydis, Mary Lou Galantino, Carra Hood, Mary Padden, Marc Richard
Volume 3, Number 3 Integrating Course and Instructional Evaluation with a Learning History Approach Details   PDF
Alan Clardy
Volume 2, Number 1 Integration within the Scholarship of Teaching: When Teachers become Learners in Foreign Disciplines Details   PDF
Randy Isaacson
Volume 13, Number 3 Interdisciplinary psychology and law training in family and child mediation: An empirical study of the effects on law student mediators Abstract   PDF
Amy Holtzworth-Munroe, Amy G. Applegate, Brittany N. Rudd, Ann Freeman, Brian D'Onofrio
Volume 15, Number 2 International Teaching Assistants’ Experiences in the U.S. Classrooms: Implications for Practice Abstract   PDF
Ekaterina Arshavskaya
Volume 13, Number 2 Interteaching: Discussion group size and course performance Abstract   PDF
Jacob C. Truelove, Bryan K. Saville, Ryan Van Patten
Volume 14, Number 1 Interteaching: Its effects on exam scores in a compressed-schedule format Abstract   PDF
Ryan Zayac, Amber L Paulk
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