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Volume 14, Number 2 Models of pre-service teachers' academic achievement: The influence of cognitive motivational variables Abstract   PDF
Felicia Castro-Villarreal, Norma Guerra, Daniel Sass, Pei-Hsuan Hseih
Volume 1, Number 2 Monitoring the Benefits of Active Learning Exercises in Introductory Survey Courses in Science: an Attempt to Improve the education of Prospective Public School Teachers Details   PDF
Pascal de Caprariis, Charles Barman, Paula Magee
Vol 16, No 4 (2016): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Moving Beyond Assessment to Improving Students’ Critical Thinking Skills: A Model for Implementing Change Abstract   PDF
Ada Haynes, Elizabeth Lisic, Michele Goltz, Barry Stein, Kevin Harris
Volume 15, Number 4 Multilingual and Native English‐speaking Student Writers in Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS): A Comparative Pilot Study Abstract   PDF
Janice Conway-Klaassen, Julie M Thompson, Patricia Eliason, Molly Rojas Collins, Robin Murie, Donna Spannaus-Martin
Volume 9, Number 1 My life in a bag and other stories: On the road to resiliency Details   PDF
Kristine Meyer, Barbara Licklider, Janice Wiersema
Volume 9, Number 3 Narrowing the teaching-research gap by integrating undergraduate education and faculty scholarship Abstract   PDF
Steven M. Toepfer
Volume 6, Number 2 Negotiating Roles and Meaning While Learning Mathematics in Interactive Technology-Rich Environments Details   PDF
Jack Bookman, David Malone
Volume 2, Number 1 Novice Instructors and Student-Centered Instruction: Identifying and Addressing Obstacles to Learning in the College Science Details   PDF
Dale Winter, Paula Lemons, Jack Bookman, William Hoese
Volume 6, Number 2 On-line quizzing and its effect on student engagement and academic performance Details   PDF
Mark Urtel, Rafael Bahamonde, Alan Mikesky, Jeff Vessely
Volume 11, Number 3 Online reflective group discussion - connecting first year undergraduate students with their third year peers Details   PDF
Annetta K L Tsang
Volume 10, Number 2 Pedagogical documentation and collaborative dialogue as tolls of inquiry for pre-service teachers in early childhood education: An exploratory narrative Details   PDF
Mary Bowne, Kay Cutler, Debra DeBates, Deanna Gilkerson, Andrew Stremmel
Volume 9, Number 1 Pedagogy of Reflective Writing in Professional Education Details   PDF
Lisa McGuire, Kathy Lay, Jon Peters
Volume 12, Number 2 Peer partnerships in teaching: Evaluation of a voluntary model of professional development in tertiary education Abstract   PDF
Andrea Chester
Volume 11, Number 4 Perceived Effectiveness of Graduate Teaching Assistants Details   PDF
Sarah S. Tulane, Troy E. Beckert
Volume 11, Number 4 Perceived ideological bias in the college classroom and the role of student reflective thinking: A proposed model Details   PDF
Darren L. Linvill, Joseph P. Mazer
Volume 14, Number 3 Perceived Learning Outcomes from Participation in One Type of Registered Student Organization: Equestrian Sport Clubs Abstract   PDF
Erin Mikulec, Kathleen McKinney
Volume 15, Number 1 Periodic review sessions contribute to student learning across the disciplines in pharmacology. Abstract   PDF
Orla Patricia Barry, Eleanor O'Sullivan, Marian McCarthy
Vol 15, No 5 (2015): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Persistent Classroom Management Training Needs of Experienced Teachers Abstract   PDF
Laura M. Stough, Marcia L. Montague, Leena Jo Landmark, Kendra Williams-Diehm
Volume 13, Number 4 Physics identity development: A snapshot of the stages of development of upper-level physics students Abstract   PDF
Paul W Irving, Eleanor C Sayre
Vol 16, No 6 (2016): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Plagiarism Due to Misunderstanding: Online Instructor Perceptions Abstract   PDF
Scott Greenberger, Rick Holbeck, John Steele, Thomas Dyer
Volume 14, Number 2 Popular psychological myths: A comparison of students’ beliefs across the psychology major Abstract   PDF
Catherine M Gaze
Volume 6, Number 2 Positive and Negative Incentives in the Classroom: An Analysis of Grading Systems and Student Motivation Details   PDF
Tony Docan-Morgan
Volume 14, Number 1 Predicting supervisor capacities to foster higher forms of learning through undergraduate medical student research Abstract   PDF   Appendix 1
Margaret MacDougall
Volume 14, Number 5 Preparing students for community-based learning using an asset-based approach Abstract   PDF
Lisa Garoutte, Kate McCarthy-Gilmore
Volume 15, Number 4 Preparing students for studying abroad Abstract   PDF
Federica Goldoni
Volume 1, Number 2 Preparing Teachers and Students for Narrative Learning Details   PDF
Sharon Sims, Melinda Swenson
Volume 11, Number 1 Presence without being present: Reflection and action in a community of practice Details   PDF
Mark Enfield, Bird Stasz
Volume 11, Number 2 Pre-Service Teachers' Views: How Did E-feedback through Assessment Facilitate Their Learning? Details   PDF
Ni Chang
Volume 13, Number 5 Prevalence of mind mapping as a teaching and learning strategy in physical therapy curricula Abstract   PDF
Genevieve Zipp, Catherine Maher
Volume 14, Number 2 Professional development of graduate teaching assistants in faculty-like positions: Fostering reflective practices through reflective teaching journals Abstract   PDF
Muriel Gallego
Volume 15, Number 4 Professor Age and Gender Affect Student Perceptions and Grades Abstract   PDF
Shauna Joye, Janie H Wilson
Volume 14, Number 3 Professor-Student Rapport Scale: Psychometric properties of the brief version Abstract   PDF
Rebecca Ryan, Janie H Wilson
Volume 8, Number 2 Promoting Student Engagement through Scholarship in a Teacher Details   PDF
Claudia Sanchez, Ali Olson-Pacheco, Liliana Grosso, Elizabeth Hanley
Volume 11, Number 2 Promoting student learning by having college students participate in an online environment Details   PDF
Celia C. Lo, Ebony L. Johnson, Kimberly A. Tenorio
Volume 3, Number 3 Providing Support for Faculty Who Wish to Shift to a Learning-Centered Paradigm in Their Higher Education Classrooms Details   PDF
Steven Jungst, Janice Wiersema, Barbara Licklider
Volume 14, Number 1 Public deliberation as a teaching andragogy: Implications for adult student learning from a doctoral higher education policy course Abstract   PDF
Matthew Johnson, Margaret Partlo, Tammy Hullender, Emmanuel Akanwa, Heather Burke, Jerry Todd, Christine Alwood
Volume 8, Number 2 Putting Theory into Practice: A Preliminary Investigation into the Effects of a Professional Development School/University Co-Teaching Project Details   PDF
W. Corry Larson, Abagail Goebel
Volume 8, Number 2 Questions First: Introducing Critical Thinking Using the Text Analysis Matrix (TAM) Details   PDF
J. Gregory Keller
Volume 6, Number 1 Rapid Prototyping as Method for Developing Instructional Strategies for Supporting Computer-Mediated Communication Among University Students Details   PDF
Dave Knowlton
Volume 6, Number 2 Reciprocal Teaching of Lecture Comprehension Skills in College Students Details   PDF
Norman Spivey, Andrea Cuthbert
Vol 16, No 2 (2016): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Redesigning for Student Success: Cultivating Communities of Practice in a Higher Education Classroom Abstract   PDF
Launa Gauthier
Volume 4, Number 1 Reexamining Carnegie Research Institutions: Evidence from IPEDS Data Details   PDF
Brian Fife, Joseph Losco
Vol 18, No 1 (2018): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Reflections versus Extended Quizzes: Which is Better for Student Learning and Self-Regulation? Abstract   PDF
Virginia Clinton
Vol 17, No 2 (2017): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Registration Delay and Student Performance Abstract   PDF
Jason Siefken
Volume 9, Number 2 Relational Turning Point Events in College Teacher-Student Relationships Details   PDF
Tony Docan-Morgan
Volume 10, Number 2 Research-able through Problem-Based Learning Details   PDF
Claes Annerstedt, Dan Garza, Cammy Huang-DeVoss, Jacob Lindh, Martin Rydmark
Volume 13, Number 4 Research Supports Learner-Centered Teaching Abstract   PDF
Anna Fahraeus
Volume 7, Number 1 Restructuring Student and Teacher Roles: Dealing with Struggle Details   PDF
Diana Cardenas, Susan Loudermilk Garza
Volume 3, Number 3 Sampling Bias Full-Text Online Databases and Article Selection Details   PDF
Christopher Lopata, Catherine Cook-Cottone
Vol 16, No 5 (2016): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning SANTPEN’s SoTL Journey: Building and Using a SoTL Approach Across Institutions Abstract   PDF
Deborah West, Helen Stephenson
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