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Volume 4, Number 1 Student Perceptions About and Performance in Problem-Based Learning Details   PDF
Helaine Alessio
Volume 14, Number 1 Student perspectives on self-directed learning Abstract   PDF
Carolinda Douglass, Sherrill R. Morris
Volume 7, Number 2 Student Perspectives on Teaching Techniques and Outstanding Teachers Details   PDF
Ellen Lawler, X. Mara Chen, Elichia Venso
Volume 13, Number 5 Students’ academic motivations in three disciplines Abstract   PDF
Trent W. Maurer, Deborah Allen, Delena Bell Gatch, Padmini Shankar, Diana Sturges
Volume 4, Number 2 Students’ Evaluation of Tertiary Educational Goals: The Impact of Lecturer and Student Characteristics Details   PDF
Nerina Caltabiano, Marie Caltabiano
Volume 12, Number 3 Students’ Misconceptions in Psychology: How You Ask Matters…Sometimes Abstract   PDF
Annette Taylor, Patricia Kowalski
Volume 13, Number 5 Student's perceptions of plagiarism Abstract   PDF
Reva M. Fish, Gerri M. Hura
Volume 9, Number 2 Students’ Perceptions of Their Connectedness in the Community College Basic Public Speaking Course Details   PDF
Hollis Glaser, Shereen Bingham
Volume 10, Number 3 Students' Perspectives on Problem-Based Learning in a Transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program Details   PDF
Helene M. Larin, Kathleen M. Buccieri, Jean Wessel
Volume 6, Number 1 Students' Race and Participation in Sociology Classroom Discussion: A Preliminary Investigation Details   PDF
Jay Howard, Aimee Zoeller, Yale Pratt
Volume 9, Number 2 Student Stalking of Faculty: Impact and Prevalence Details   PDF
Robin K. Morgan
Volume 14, Number 2 Student views of instructor-student rapport in the college classroom Abstract   PDF
Nathan Webb, Laura Obrycki Barrett
Volume 11, Number 1 Supporting conditionally-admitted students: A case study of assessing persistence in a learning community Details   PDF
April Heaney, Rick Fisher
Volume 10, Number 3 Supporting student learning: improving performance on short-essay exams using realistic practice opportunities Details   PDF
Wesley H. Dotson, Jan B. Sheldon, James A. Sherman
Volume 9, Number 1 Supporting Teachers through a Combined Model of Philosophical, Collaborative and Experiential Learning Details   PDF
Roisin Donnelly
Volume 14, Number 4 Surveying New Testament survey: The impact of demographics and modality on an introductory New Testament course Abstract   PDF
Bart B. Bruehler
Volume 9, Number 2 Teacher as Trickster on the Learner's Journey Details   PDF
Kenneth Davis, Scott Weeden
Volume 6, Number 1 Teacher Candidates’ Conceptual Understanding of Conceptual Learning: From Theory to Practice Details   PDF
Ellen Sigler, Julie Saam
Volume 14, Number 2 Teacher immediacy and student learning: An examination of lecture/laboratory and self-contained course sections Abstract   PDF
Luke LeFebvre, Mike Allen
Volume 4, Number 2 Teaching and learning physics: A model for coordinating physics instruction, outreach, and research Details   PDF
Noah Finkelstein
Volume 12, Number 2 Teaching Ethically: Challenges and Opportunities Details   PDF
DeDe Wohlfarth
Vol 16, No 5 (2016): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Teaching Group Processes Through Multiple Group Leadership Opportunities in a Masters Level Counselor Education Program Abstract   PDF
Marc B Bourgeois, Ryan C. Winters, Irvin G. Esters
Volume 1, Number 1 Teaching Physics of Everyday Life: Project-based instruction and a collaborative work in undergraduate physics course for nonscience majors Details   PDF
Marina Milner-Bolotin, Marilla Svinicki
Volume 10, Number 2 Teaching Research to Teachers: Course Design, Assessment and Reflections Details   PDF
Susan A. Turner
Volume 2, Number 1 Teaching the Multicultural Learner: A Musical Theory Approach to Pedagogical Practices Details   PDF
Fred Bonner, II, Jewel Hairson
Volume 12, Number 3 Team-Based Learning in a Subsection of a Veterinary Course as Compared to Standard Lectures Abstract   PDF
Erin Malone, Amie Spieth
Vol 17, No 1 (2017): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Team Teaching an Interdisciplinary First-Year Seminar on Magic, Religion, and the Origins of Science: A ‘Pieces-to-Picture’ Approach Abstract   PDF
Melati Nungsari, Maia Christine Dedrick, Shaily Patel
Vol 16, No 5 (2016): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning The Academic Experiences Survey (AES): Measuring Perceptions of Academic Climate in Liberal Arts Institutions Abstract   PDF
Kathleen Marie Galotti, Lacey R. Clare, Courtney McManus, Andrea Nixon
Vol 17, No 2 (2017): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning The Assessment and Mentoring Program (AMP): Final Year Pre-Service Physical Education Peer Mentors Perceptions of Effective Mentoring Abstract   PDF
Kate Adele Jenkinson, Amanda Clare Benson
Volume 15, Number 2 The Benefits of Good Teaching Extend Beyond Course Achievement Abstract   PDF
Chad N. Loes, Ernest T Pascarella
Volume 5, Number 1 The Communication Triad: A Participatory Model for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Communication Details   PDF
Marc Seamon
Volume 14, Number 4 The delivery of recreation programs: Students gain entry level management skills through service learning Abstract   PDF
Jo An M Zimmermann, Jessica Dupree, Jan S Hodges
Volume 13, Number 1 The Difficult Transition? Teaching, Research, Service: Examining the Preparedness of Communication Faculty Entering the Academe Abstract   PDF
Toni Selena Whitfield, Corey Hickerson
Volume 13, Number 2 The Difficult Transition? Teaching, Research, Service: Examining the Preparedness of Communication Faculty Entering the Academe Abstract
Toni Selena Whitfield, Corey Hickerson
Volume 13, Number 3 The Effect of Contemporary Learning Approaches on Student Percpetions in an Introductory Business Course Abstract   PDF
Lori Ann Coakley, Kenneth J. Sousa
Volume 15, Number 4 The effect of instructing critical thinking through debate on the EFL learners’ reading comprehension Abstract   PDF
Maryam Danaye Tous, Abdorreza Tahriri, Sara Haghighi
Volume 14, Number 4 The effects of implementing recitation activities on success rates in a college calculus course Abstract   PDF
Jeffrey Xavier Watt, Charles R. Feldhaus, Brandon H. Sorge, Grant A. Fore, Andrew D. Gavrin, Kathleen A. Marrs
Volume 7, Number 2 The Effects of Institutional Classification and Gender on Faculty Inclusion of Syllabus Components Details   PDF
Peter Doolittle, Danielle Lusk
Volume 15, Number 3 The Effects of Team-Based Learning on Students’ Attitudes and Students’ Performances in Introductory Sociology Classes Abstract   PDF
Mark Killian, Hara Bastas
Volume 3, Number 3 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Using Experiential Learning in the Classroom Details   PDF
Robert Wharton, Linda Parry
Vol 17, No 3 (2017): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning The Guilded Classroom: Using Gamification to Engage and Motivate Undergraduates Abstract   PDF
Julia Gressick, Joel B. Langston
Volume 13, Number 5 The impact of an interdisciplinary learning community course on psuedoscientific reasoning in first-year science students Abstract   PDF
Timothy Franz, Kris Green
Volume 8, Number 3 The Impact of Attendance Polices on Course Attendance among College Students Details   PDF
Tiffany Chenneville, Cary Jordan
Volume 14, Number 1 The Impact of Integrated Student Experiences on Learning Abstract   PDF
Jason R Wingert, Sally A Wasileski, Karin Peterson, Leah Greden Mathews, Amy Joy Lanou, David Clarke
Vol 17, No 2 (2017): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning The Impact of Vodcast Utilisation upon Student Learning of Physiology by First Year Graduate to Entry Medicine Students Abstract   PDF
Mark George Rae, Marian McCarthy
Vol 16, No 3 (2016): Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning The Influence of Cross-Cultural Experiences & Location on Teachers’ Perceptions of Cultural Competence Abstract   PDF
Solange Lopes-Murphy
Volume 14, Number 5 The influence of film and experiential pedagogy on multicultural counseling self-efficacy and multicultural counseling competence Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Helen Greene, Sejal Mehta Barden, Edrica D Richardson, Kristopher Gregory Hall
Volume 12, Number 4 The influence of involvement with faculty and mentoring on the self-efficacy and academic achievement of African American and Latino college students Abstract   PDF
Stacie Craft DeFreitas, Antonio Bravo Jr.
Volume 12, Number 2 The Jossey-­Bass Reader on Contemporary Issues in Adult Education Details   PDF
Ryan Bronkema
Volume 11, Number 3 The Key to Everything: Aiming for Artistry by Integrating Reflective Practice in Competence Assessment in a Professional Psychology Program Details   PDF
Deborah Lewis, Tom Virden, Philinda Smith Hutchings, Ruchi Bhargava
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